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Cutting Units
Cutting Machines

Profile Extrusion Cutting Units

Cutting Machines

Machines suitable for cutting profiles by means of saw blades or swarfless cutting blades.

Additional Equipment
  • Intermittent advance of cutting tool
  • Saw carriage drive by servo-motor for high quality precision cuts
  • Off-line magazine machines for cutting short pieces
Precision Cutting Saws

When high extrusion speed, short cutting lengths and small tolerances are requested, GRAEWE precision cutting saws are the perfect solution. The saw carriage (driven by an A.C. servo drive) moves along with the extruded material, keeping trace and speed synchronously. Very narrow tolerances are therefore guaranteed.

Cutting Saws

Pneumatically activated radial saws suitable for cutting pipes and profiles made of thermoplastic materials. Easy operation of the saw on start-up of the extrusion line thanks to the possibility of raising the upper double pipe clamps. Clamping jaws according to the pipe diameter or profile shape guarantee an angular cut.


Pneumatically or hydraulically activated cutting knife for burrfree cutting of pipes or profiles.


For chip and burr free cutting by means of rotating knife.

Advantages at a glance:
  • Excellent accuracy of cut length
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low noise level by using special cutting tools and shielding the machine
  • Tools are easy to change
  • Clean, precise cut
  • Long lasting saw blades
  • Highly efficient swarf extraction