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Cross cutting units
Cross cut units

Sheet Extrusion
Cross cutting units

Guillotine cutters fix or synchronized with the extrusion speed
  • With integrated transport belts
  • Swarfless cut
  • High cutting frequency
Tilting guillotines to make trapezoidal cuts
Guillotine-Saw combination
  • Highest flexibility
Cross cut saws for sheet up to 3000 mm wide and 40 mm thick
  • Variable speed drives to set the best cutting speed
  • Exact adjustment of the cutting angle
  • Effective dust exhausters
  • Clamping bars do not effect the quality of the product surface
  • High cutting tolerances +/- 0,5mm
  • All parameters can be saved for further use
  • Roller fingers support the product at the complete length
  • Alternativ roller chain or telescopic belts available
  • Test cut at any time possible
  • Saw blade with air or water cooling
  • Safety grids
Cross cut routers for sheet up to 60 mm
  • Designed to cut sheet with thickness up to 60mm with high speed router bits.
  • Excellent quality of the cut
  • No more  burrs or dust
  • Effective dust exhauster