Success Stories

Maplast S.A

It is not easy to find an honest source in the world specially for used equipment and when I started to look for second hand extrusion machines in Europe and I searched all around but finally  I was very lucky since I choosed Graewe from the start , they gave me that good feeling to go ahead from the start considering that I was in South America and I was not able to fly to Europe all the time so I needed a company I could rely on blind which is not easy since there are many pirates out there in the market only looking at your pocket .
This happened quite a long time ago and along the years besides the commercial link we have established a close personal relationship so I can totally rely on their technical capacity and honesty and in some cases when they do not have what you need they will help you to find a source without any further interest at all
Graewe is the kind of company hard to find you can deal directly with the owners ,  the respond quickly to your requirements big or small , technically capable , fair prices , responsible , honest  . I would give
them the highest 5 star rating   
Finally my very personal opinion is that behind all this there is a fantastic family with all the required values to make them one of the best companies in Germany on whatever plastic business you start or plan to develop
David Lebed
Maplast S.A.
Guayaquil , Ecuador

ASG Plastics Factories

"Throughout the past few years in doing business with Graewe/Next machines, they were never short of exceeding our expectations. Their professional team were very punctual and never compromised the quality of their delivered goods. Personally, the flexibility of the management team and their understanding to the needs of the customers were paramount. Costumed solutions were always available which made things much easier in buying decisions. It has always been a pleasure buying from Graewe and will always be. "
Ahmed A. Alsharif,
Chairman & CEO
ASG Plastics Factories
Abdullatif Alsharif Group

hpg plastics GmbH

hpg plastics GmbH’s core competence is customer-oriented and customer-specific development and production of plastic pipes and hoses. As a highly specialized company, hpg plastics GmbH, located in Ratingen, Germany, is one of the major European OEM-producers of pipes and hoses for hot- and cold-water-applications. With a production capacity of more than 65mio.m per year hpg plastics is one of the key suppliers for the radiant heating systems and sanitary market.
“Our company deploys a high degree of innovation and skilled engineering to implement demanding, overall solutions and to thus provide significant competitive advantages for our customers”, stresses Dr. Juergen Hoeppner, production manager and one of hpg’s management directors. “When it comes to purchasing plastics extrusion equipment, GRAEWE has always been our first choice. For us, being an industrial enterprise, running a continuous 24x7 shift model operation, the robustness and reliability of our equipment is absolutely essential. We know GRAEWE since 25 years now and have been running GRAEWE haul-offs and coiling units since then. And we are not about changing this, as we need equipment suppliers understanding our demands and needs”.
hpg plastics GmbH is currently producing PE-RT and PE-X pipes and hoses with 7 extrusion lines equipped with GRAEWE haul-offs, cutting units, coiling units and custom made extrusion equipment like vacuum tanks, cooling baths, dies etc.

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