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Automatic Winder
Fully Automatic Coilers

Pipe Extrusion Automatic Winder

Standard Application

Fully automatic dual Winders are used in high output extrusion lines with high extrusion speeds. Fully Automatic Single Winders, however, are used for low and medium extrusion speeds.
Due to the compact design, our winder needs little space and can fit easily into every production line. In comparison to Semi Automatic Winders, there generally is a minimum increase in productivity of 50%.

Standard Solutions

We offer a broad range of coilers for different applications:

  • Automatic Coilers with strapping units using PP band
  • Automatic Coilers with stretch film wrapping
  • Combination strap/film coilers
  • Coilers for planetary stretch film wrapping
  • Automatic coilers to pack coils directly into cardboard boxes
Special Application

We developed special coilers for drip irrigation pipes, garden hoses, medical tubes, corrugated pipes, composite pipes and profiles.

  • Labeling systems
  • Coil unloading and palletizing systems
  • Centralized adjustment for coil diameter and coil width (Quick change system)
  • Accumulator systems, Ultrasonic dancer, Length measuring systems
Advantages at a glance:
  • Winding stations are driven by maintenance free AC Servomotors
  • Swift arms can be adjusted steplessly in the diameter and width directions
  • Precise traversing by maintenance free AC-Servomotor with spindle gear
  • Automatic feeding of pipe/profile
  • Automatic change-over from one winding turret to the other without buffer storage and without slowing-down of the extrusion line (Dual Winder)
  • Automatic cutting of pipe/profile
  • Automatic strapping of coil. Choice of 2/3/4/6 straps
  • Intermittent strapping possible (Single Winder)
  • Automatic coil ejection
  • Central and swivable operating panel with LED-display and menu control
  • Help- and Error messages printed on the display for easier operation