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Profile Winders
Semi Automatic Coilers

Pipe Extrusion Pipe and Profile Winders

Designed for precise coiling of pipes, hoses and profiles. The coiling arms can be adjusted for the desired inner diameter and width of the coil. The coil can be easily removed with the pneumatically powered collapse of the core segments and the outer segments folding down.
The drive is a force ventilated AC winder motor, which can be regulated by a dancer control or tractive force. The traverse is synchronised with the coil revolution and can be steplessly adjusted.

  • Special dimensions for swift arms
  • Pipe end retaining arm
  • Length measuring device
  • Ultrasonic dancer control
  • Accumulator
  • Transport rollers
  • Precision traverse control with ball spindle and servodrive
  • Up-rated drives
  • Control panel for automatic storage and retrieval of process parameters
  • Control panel with menu navigation and product data management
  • Integrated swarfless cutting unit
Advantages at a glance:
  • Sturdy design
  • Long lasting components, low maintenance
  • Compact dimensions
  • Good coiling quality by using latest drive technologies
  • Safety guards
  • Many options allow to modify the coiler to special customer requirements.